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Vanessa is the founder of Total You Coaching and Speaking. She is mum to Erin and Ryan. She has had many different life experiences, both amazing and challenging, however, all of the them have led to the establishment of Total You Coaching and Speaking. Vanessa has been married twice, tragically widowed by the hand of suicide the first time and then divorced the second time. She currently lives in Western Sydney with the two kids and a dog.  

Having parented her two amazing teenagers mostly on her own she experienced both the amazing highs and the lowest of lows that parenting can bring. These experiences in part shaped the establishment of the parenting arm of Total You Coaching. She is passionate about helping other parents have the best relationships that they can with their ever-evolving children. Being a qualified early childhood and primary school teacher and family day care operator before that has enabled her to see parenting and children from every angle. Working in these fields has also allowed her develop a deep understanding of what children and parents need both just as they grow through each development phase or when met with challenges. 

Having experienced some major trauma as a child herself, Vanessa is in tune with being able to assist children overcome trauma and live HAPPY and engaged lives.  She is also able to guide parents to help their own children when unfortunate events happen – which they do to all of us at some stage.  

Before this part of her career Vanesa worked in sales and the legal field further enhancing her ability to see life from a variety of facets. Having run her own business adds another dimension to the experiences she brings with her.  

Since her early years, Vanessa grappled with pervasive anxiety. Everyday decisions, from the mundane to the meaningful, bore the weight of impending calamity due to her anxious disposition. Sleep became a battleground for "what if" scenarios, each one weaving its own intricate narrative of potential disaster. Vanessa, however, demonstrated remarkable fortitude amidst this emotional turbulence. Her journey was defined by a resolute commitment to not only conquer her anxiety, but also to repurpose it as a force for personal development and empathy. Through her experiences, she aspired to offer solace and inspiration to others navigating similar challenges.

Vanessa now enjoys, a game of squash, reading, walking anywhere, enjoying an Italian, Mexican or Thai meal and of course spending time with family and friends. 


  • Bachelor of Education - Early Childhood and Primary Education - James Cook University - Graduated 2010 
  • Coach Mastery - Completed
  • Advanced Coach Mastery - Completed
  • Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Processing - Completed 
  • High Performing Teams - Completed
  • Emotional Intelligence - Completed   
  • Disc Profiling - Completed
  • Business and Leadership Coaching - Completed
  • Hypnosis - Completed
  • Paediatric Hypnosis - Completed

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